Memorial Day

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day. Mine was nice! I tried some new recipies out on Yatron and Pastor.
Sweet potato casserole - Good
Peach Cheesecake thingy - weird texture
Kung Pao Chicken - Yum!
Champagne Salad - well, it wasn't new to me, but first time I made it and it was good

Other than that, I had about 6 weeks of laundry to do this weekend, which sucked. I did get to talk to Dara, who is currently serving Ghana Africa with the Peace Corps. She is doing well. I'm sure she says hi to everyone! Her page can be found on my links on the side of my page. Check it out! Hope you had a great back to the grind. UGH!


Exciting life?

I sometimes wish my life were more exciting than it is...then something exciting happens and I wish my life were back to 'normal,' whatever that means. I'm not saying anything especially exiting happened this weekend, but I wished it had....


Just one of those weeks....

Ever had just one of those weeks. You know the ones where outwardly things are going good, but inwardly things are a mess. Thats where I am this week. I know God wants more from me, and as of yet, I've been unwilling to give it to him. To give everything to him and live my life for him - it seems like a no-brainer, right? I mean, he IS God, and I AM his child. So then why is it so hard to give up certain things. There are things we struggle with, sins, that we know we have overcome, and yet we choose to engage in those things. And when we fall, yet again, into that sin, it may feel good for a time - but it leaves you feeling worse than you did when you started out. Praise be to God that his mercies are new every morning. I sure need them today! :)


Pictures and Random thoughts

So I've been thinking...what should I do if I can't find a job at the end of the year? Detroit has an unemployment rate of 7% (which is high, I guess) and while I believe I'm going to get a job right away, I still need to be planning for a contingency. So here are a few ideas I've come up with.
1. Deal or No Deal - I've got my application all filled out, and I will be filming my application video shortly
2. Amazing Race - People think it's all cool when I tell them I want to apply, until I ask them if they want to go with me...
3. Biggest Loser - Come on! I can lose weight, and maybe make some $$. Count me in!
4. Start my own business - The only thing is, what kind do I start?
5. Move to Bahamas - this one is looking REAL nice...

Okay, so thats just a few ideas...I still have about 6 months to think about it - so I'll let you know what I come up with. :) In the meantime, Elaina sent me the pictures she took from my trip to Colorado. I still haven't got mine out of the camera yet. Yeah, I'm a slacker...

Me and Elaina

This is our 'sexy' pose...

Aimee and Isaac, you can have him back...

Elaina, Brenda, Sarah, Aimee, Tara, Jessica

Okay, we were supposed to be looking mean...some are better than others

Brenda, Sarah, Aimee, Tara, Jessica

We may have had a few too many.....egg rolls.

Me and Tara


Come on T, its not that bad...

What? I'm going to miss her!

Thats almost as bad as Desparate Aimee (click here)

Brenda - is that 'water' again?


Pre-Mothers Day Breakfast

I'm feeling rather random this morning. We had a Pre-Mother's Day breakfast at my church over the weekend. It turned out really nice - though I have to say I'm glad its over. I was supposed to be in charge of clean up, but since I had to play the guitar during the service, by the time I got downstairs, clean up was already finished. Woo hoo, score 1! We had some vendors there selling things, and one of the things they were selling was panythose. Some of the ladies were trying to get me to buy some. I wanted to ask, "Do you ever actually LOOK at what I'm wearing?" I never wear anything that would require pantyhose, so why would I buy some. They were like, "They're only $10.00" And I thought, $10.00!? ONLY $10.00!? Okay, these pantyhose must be made of golden nylon or something... I might be crazy - but are quality nylons really $10.00? Anyway, needless to say, I have no more pantyhose today than I did Saturday, woo hoo, score 2!

I wish I had some newer pictures to post (I will once I get the pictures from my Colorado trip on here), but for now, I'll post these pictures of our praise team. They're from several months ago, but we still pretty much look like this. Well, except Simone, she is a blonde now...

This is Yatron leading worship (in background are Sis Carmen, Sis Simone, Sis Shamika)

Here you see everyone (Sis Carmen, Sis Yatron, Sis Simone, Sis Shamika, Sis Melissa)

We are the musicians. (Aimee - guitar, Phil - bass, Tony - Drums)


Too bad...

You know what I realized? How sad is it that I can go on and on about a restaurant or food, but only a few sentences about the Lord. Pray for me......... :)


Kung Pao Chicken Lady

Okay, so by now you probably know that I was in Colorado Springs this past weekend. And you probably know why I was there. Nope, not to look for a job. Nope, not to see friends. Yep – I was there for the Chinese food. Now, don’t get me wrong, it was awesome to see everyone – but, I haven’t found a decent Chinese food place in Detroit that even comes close to what became my home away from home in Colorado Springs: Tsing Tao House. Let me take you on an imaginary journey through time and space and bring you to a place where you can truly understand where I’m coming from. At first, I thought Chinese food was all the same, that one place wasn’t necessarily that much different from any other place. Then, my mom brought me to Tsing Tao. It isn’t much to look at from the outside, and there isn’t much decoration inside, so I wasn’t expecting the amazing journey I was about to embark on. I ordered Kung Pao Chicken, House Style (mostly because they didn’t load it up with all sorts of vegetables I would just end up picking out and throwing away anyway). When they brought it out, it was steaming hot, obviously having just been prepared. I began salivating right as soon as I smelled it. Included with my lunch was a crab cheese wonton, and an egg roll. Now, not everyone can pull off the perfect egg roll. Some places put ginger and cinnamon in their egg rolls, which to me doesn’t even make sense, but okay…whatever. The Tsing Tao egg roll has the perfect combination of exterior crunchiness matched with interior tastiness. In other words they’re the best freaking egg rolls ever. The wontons (they call them rangoons) have the perfect proportions of cream cheese to fried wonton, not too little filling yet not too much. My family and I would come to Tsing Tao so often, that when they saw us coming in, they would get our drinks ready, and ask if we want the usual. So, now fast forward to this weekend. I’ve been gone for about 20 months, almost two years. I know that I have to make this dinner count because, well, I don’t know when I’ll be able to eat there again. I am drooling on the way to the restaurant, and excited to see if its changed at all – and to see my old friends, the waiters and waitresses. I told Elaina that there is no way they’ll remember me after this long and all the customers they have. Even in the parking lot, I can smell the Asian goodness cooking inside. We go in…I can sense the waitress looking at me, we sit down. I ask Elaina, “She’s looking at me, isn’t she?” She was. She remembered me – not only did she remember me, but she remembered my mom and dad and even what I always ordered – Kung Pao Chicken House Special Style. I told her I couldn't believe she remembered me, she replied, "Well, you came in every week." Its true, I did. I kind of went all out – trying to find a happy medium between savoring each bite with wanting to gorge myself. It was awesome, I’m drooling now thinking about it. I had to call my mom eat leave a message of myself eating a Rangoon, just to rub it in… She was not happy, she hasn’t found a great Chinese food place in Phoenix, either. Its sad, that’s true, but when you’re in the Springs, make sure you visit Tsing Tao House, and tell them the Kung Pao Chicken lady sent you by…