Oh great.......

I am not happy. A few weeks ago I posted about my blatant dislike for anything that flies. As a matter of fact, the very first post on this blog was about such an incident in my life. I don't like moths, flies, gnats, butterflies, flying beetles, birds (but thats a whole 'nother story), and bees. I found out today that Arizona has a problem with Africanized Bee's, more commonly known as killer bees. Anything that has the word "Killer" in their name disturbs me, but Killer Bees are things that horror movies are made of. They basically swarm you if you get to close and sting you until you die. Really nice. They actually have companies here whose sole purpose in existing is to remove killer bee colonies from peoples houses............ Let me reiterate....I am NOT happy right now.


Not better

Okay - so my mom isn't over the pneumonia yet.....not as bad as it was, but still her work won't let her come back yet. Please pray for her, thanks!



good days...

So many cool things going on right now. 1. I'm currently at our administrative office going through the process to go from temp to permanent employee! Yay! That means I'll have insurance again! 2. I lost more weight this week for total weight loss of 18.6 ponuds - most 20!! 3. My mom is almost over her pneumonia (by the way - my mom has pneumonia...) 4. Our church building is nearly complete! 5. My aunt Katie is moving here this weekend (she is recently widowed). 6. Jesus is Risen!
Yeah - there are not so good things too - but let's focus on the good stuff!! Miss everyone!


Devil bug

I love animals. I do - dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, snakes......sloths. I just love most of God's creatures. There are a few things God created that I am not too fond of. Pretty much anything with wings - but (those of you who know me can attest) I cannot stand....................... moths. I hate them. I wouldn't really say that I'm afraid of them, really. I know they can't hurt me - but just the thought of those little winged devil bugs is enough to make me want to shed my own skin. In Colorado, there are two months out of the year when we would get infested with moths. My 7th grade year was an especially bad year, and those suckers were everywhere! They'd fall out of the front door in the morning when you'd open the door (cause they were cold, and not warm enough to fly), they'd be in your car in the morning (even though there was not one in there when you got out of the car the night before). I swear, it was like one of the plagues of God, and it happened twice per year. They're Miller Moths, and we used to call them Killer Millers......that name didn't really help at all.... That was the one thing about Colorado that I hated. Well, I didn't know it didn't happen every where until I moved to Michigan. I remember driving down a mountain pass at night - seeing there was a moth in the car, and panicing because I couldn't pull over, and shaking when it would come near (right, Tara? Oh yeah, Tara said she doesn't read this blog....I can say whatever I want about her....maybe another post...) ANYWAY - after our womens bible study tonight I get out to my car....get inside....start 'er up.....and what do I see on my windshield wiper?

The Demon Beast from Hades! I swear he held on to that wiper for dear life - all while I'm driving 80 MPH just to get him to lose his grip. I think he had velcro on his little devil legs or something...anyway. I did risk my life (and the lives of countless others) by trying to capture a picture of him holding on WHILE I was driving 80 MPH.....but it didn't turn out. At some point in the journey one of the other demons must have needed him, because he just vanished....... You may think I'm exaggerating.....I'm not........
Well, maybe a little.