6.5 weeks

I left Phoenix 6.5 weeks ago.

In some ways it doesn't seem like that long ago. In other ways it seems like I've been here much longer.

Here's a rundown on whats going on:

1. I got a JOB! I started working last week at Genesis Financial. I am a customer service representative. I started last Tuesday and I think it my actually be a good fit for me. I'm pretty excited to actually be working - I got a job in less than a month. As a matter of fact - as of last week - every person who had come to Portland and was looking for a job has found one. In this economy - that is truly a miracle.

2. Mark and the team have decided the area of Portland we will be planting in: the Hollywood district. I was driving through that area a few days ago, and really felt like it was a place where God wants to work. Its really awesome and exciting to see what He is doing and very humbling to think that we can be a part of it.

3. We are meeting every Thursday evening to pray and just spend time with each other. That is one of my favorite times during the week. One of my other favorite times during the week is worship rehearsal. I absolutely love it. I'm actually learning to play the electric guitar.... or trying to learn to play.

As far as prayers go:
* Please pray for housing for me. I need to find a really cheap, really close apartment. I don't want to live far from everyone, but the housing in this area is out of my price range. Please also pray for a roommate if that is the best thing for me.

* I would ask for continued prayers for Mark and Tracy. Please pray for continued wisdom and guidance for them. They have a lot of things they have to do in order to get the church going, and most of it is stuff that no one else can help them with.

* Please pray for finances and a church building. We really need a place to meet and the finances to meet there.

I want to thank everyone for your continued prayers. I have really felt them. This whole transition thing has not been the easiest for me - but this week I finally am starting to feel like myself again. The only way its possible is just my complete reliance on God. He has to be my everything. He is - I just have to know that he is. :)

Miss you all - love you so much!!