Beth Moore Videos

Okay, so this clip is from the Siesta Fiesta - the question: What was your most difficult parenting situation with your girls when they were younger?

Here is another clip from the Fiesta and the question is: What music is on your iPod?



Why is it that when we are caught up doing something we shouldn't be doing, we wait for someone we don't even know to tell us something we already do know, when all the time the One who does know already said No.


Texas Photos, video and more!

Erika, Lily and I

Me and Erika



Amanda, Beth, Melissa

This was one of about ten of these sized group photos taken. I'm the one who stands out like a sore green thumb!

A group shot....can you see me?

There I am!

Lastly, here is the video of the thunderstorm I saw from the plane. Obviously the video does not do it justice at all... **okay just watched the video - SO not as good as the real thing was...**

Living Proof Live

Hey All - I am writing this out long have on the plane coming home from San Antonio TX. I was there for 2 reasons this weekend. One was to visit my friend and college roommate, Erika Gray. I had not seen her in over 4 years and hadn't seen her daughter Lily since she was 2 months old. She is now a beautiful 4 1/2 year old who can actually READ! She was pretty much potty trained at like 6 months old (ask Erika....I still don't know how she did that) Anyway it was really good to see Erika and Lily.

The other reason I went to San Antonio was for a Living Proof Live event. As a blogger, this was an extra special event for me. I may have mentioned Beth Moore's blog in previous posts before (its on my side bar under Other Places I Visit). Anyway on their blog Betha nd her daughters, Amanda and Melissa write about faith, life and whatever comes to mind. Those who frequent the blog Beth calls siestas (go to the site to see why...) So this weekend they decided to pair the Living Proof Live event with a blogger event called the Siesta Fiesta. There were probably 1000 bloggers there. We got to take some group photos with Beth and her daughters and it was SO refreshing to see how down to earth and "normal" they are...

I'll have to speak more about what Beth talked about at the Living Proof Live event later - I still need to process it all myself.

There was a cool lightning storm that I could see from the plane tonight. I'm going to post a video of it - if it came out. :)


Here I am!!

Well, I'm in San Antonio! I'm staying here with Erika Gray who was my roommate in crime - wait no, in college...yeah, that's it! We stayed up lsst night until nearly 3:00am catching up and reminiscing...

Tonight is the first night of the Beth Moore conference and I'm REALLY excited. Erika can't go, so I'll be there solo. Still great fun.

I'm posting from my phone and can't post pictures here till I get home but I am remembering how my hair and humidity don't mesh well (insert frizzy headed picture here)

More to come!


I'm on my way

Well everyone, this is it. I'm leaving this evening for the Siesta Fiesta held in San Antonio TX. While there I'm going to also be visiting with Erika, one of my closet an oldest friends. Anyway - Its 3:30 am right now...I haven't packed. I hate mornings, but wanted to give this short little update.

I'm going to be sending pictures from the road on Facebook, so if you're on - check it out. If not - JOIN! :)


Random thoughts

So, I took the plunge tonight. I did. I didn't even plug my nose before diving in.... I joined a gym! My church had a fundraiser for the youth where you could get 3 months for $20 (and a deal at that!!) I signed up for a if I'm still going strong in 4 months - I'll want a prize! :) Yeah, yeah, yeah, being able to see my own toes will be prize enough...

Another bit of information - I'm going to see Beth Moore in San Antonio, TX in like 2 1/2 weeks! I'm so excited. I've meet a ton of people on her blog and there is going to be a special section at the conferece for all the bloggers to go. I'm totally excited. PLUS, I'll get to see Erika and her daughter Lily whom I haven't seen in about 4 years. Oh, and if Erika asks, I'm going to see HER not Beth Moore.... :)

Our church had their grand opening this weekend, and it was amazing! It really was! You could really feel the presence of God in that place.

Umm, I guess thats it. Hope you're doing well!!!