Weight Watchers....round 2

Okay, I'm doing it again. Yesterday, I went back to Weight Watchers and am going to start their program....again. But this time - I've got help!

I started Weight Watchers yesterday. I put most of the 32 pounds that I lost last year back on. So....I'm not where I started....but I'm close.

Three friends from church are going with me, and we're going to be encouraging each other and spurring one another on.

.......anyone got a twinkie?



I did it.

Means God is my Deliverance/God is my Refuge

There is WAY more to this story though. Let me start at the beginning.

So, I knew I wanted to get inked. I knew I wanted it to be significant and have profound meaning (if to no one else but me). I love Hebrew script. My first idea was to get the name of God in Hebrew. But since God has, like a million names, which one would I choose? Okay, so then I thought, what has God done for me that I want to monumentalize in a tattoo? Again, thats like a million things. Then it hit me. In the past year God has delivered me from something that I had been struggling with for 13 years. Thats it - I wanted something about God delivering. Well, not speaking Hebrew or knowing anyone that does - I was hard pressed as to where to begin looking. I found a website, (which is a pretty cool website, anyway) and it has many names of God in Hebrew script, but nothing I was looking for. So I pulled out my old Strongs Exhaustive Concordance, and found palti'el: God is my Deliverance. I copied the miniscule script from the back of the book (seriously, it was no more than 2 mm big) and I placed my faith in my extensive knowledge of the Hebrew language that #1. What I wrote on my paper was actually Hebrew and #2 that it meant God is my deliverance. So, with paper in hand I pick a tattoo place out of thin air and hop in the car. Who knew you had to make an appointment?
Not me. Anyway, the girl who is making the appointment takes my paper back to one of the tattoo artists and a few minutes later comes out and says, "She wants to see you." Okay. So I go back there. The artist, Jen, says, "So, what does this say?" I tell her God is my Deliverance. She says, "Yeah, sort of." I'm thinking, what do you mean sort of..... So I'm real quiet. She says, "Well, I'll double check with my dad, He is an Israeli, just to make sure that you've got it right."

Okay, time out.

I happen to pick out a tattoo place, that happens to have a tattoo artist who knows Hebrew and whose father happens to be a Hebrew speaker? You have GOT to be kidding me.

So, I can rest assured - God is my deliverance is, in fact, what has been permanantly inked on my ankle.

p.s. Don't tell my mom....she doesn't know about this yet.........



So I picked up some friends of mine at the airport last night. While I was waiting for their flight to get in, I parked in the cell phone lot for a few minutes. I had had a long day and thought I could use a little rest, so I leaned my seat back and kicked my feet up.
A few seconds later I hear someone honking, and I'm assuming its at me cause all they could probably see in my car was my feet sticking up over the steering wheel. Maybe they wanted to make sure I was okay. I just didn't know. Then I was ME honking.



Has it really been that long?

Wow - been nearly a month since I've posted... I can't believe it!

Not too much is going on round these parts.

Church is still going great. I'm there a lot. I love it. What can I say? :)

Job is going ok. They laid off some people a couple weeks ago, then transferred others around to different offices. Still very blessed to have a job at this point.

Family is good. Nothing new going on there. Noelle just turned 7 years old and Taylor will be 2 in August. Crazy how time flies.

I have been in AZ for 1.5 years. Feels like I've been here forever.

I'm going to get my first tattoo very soon. Its Hebrew for God is my Deliverance because, well, God IS my deliverance! :)

I guess that is all for now. Write and let me know what you want me to write about.