Short Story

I know, I know - its been almost two months since I've posted.


I don't even have much to say, except I'm going out on a limb here. I wrote a short story. Really short. Just a few paragraphs, but want to share it with you. Let me know what you think. There are parts that might be confusing to you....I know what I meant, but you might not. :) (comment at for my Facebook friends...)

He took into consideration every detail to make her perfect. Beautiful hazel eyes, wavy brown hair, and soft olive skin. He put in her a heart of mercy and a spirit of encouragement and when he was finished he stood back and gazed at what he had created. He loved her. He loved her not because of anything she had done or anything she would ever do he just loved her because she was his creation. She was His daughter and he was her Father. He would do anything for her. He would die for her.

He had knit her together in her mothers womb and she was born on a cool December night. He knew that by simply sending her into the world he created for her that they would be separated for a time. How he wished for her to know him. He had made her, after all. They had been together before. Did she remember? Would she know Him who had gone through so much. Would she ever know all that He had done for her? Would someone tell her about Him?

He was her king and she his princess. She was mighty. She was bold. She had the all of the kings power within her, but she didn’t know any of it. For there was another at work in her life. An enemy whose sole intent was to rob her of the power and purpose that the king had given her. Though she was created in the image of a mighty king, the enemy would have her believe she was not beautiful enough. Though the king had made her victorious in all things, the enemy told her she was defeated. She listened to the enemy’s lies, and though he had no power of his own – he had power over her. She saw herself an ugly, defeated mess. She was deceived. She believed the enemy.

She would never forget the day that she heard her Father’s voice for the first time. She thought it a familiar voice, though it was unlike anything she had ever heard before. It was comforting and loving and she wanted to hear him speak more and more. And speak He did. He spoke directly to her heart. He told her of his love for her and how beautiful she was. He told her that He wanted nothing more than to pour himself into her and love her and call her his own. He told her the story of when he created her. He told her she was fearfully and wonderfully made. It was as though she remembered Him somehow. She began to trust Him. She began to believe in Him. As she listened He asked for her heart. He asked for her life. What could she say? He was her Father. He was her King and she his princess. Her heart was His. Her life was His. She was back in the loving arms of her creator, her sculptor, her potter, her Father. There she would stay all her days.

2009 - Aimee Hamilton