Why'd I do that?

So, I had an extra earring in my car, and thought, "Hmm, what can I do with this?" I already had earrings in my first set of earring holes, and my second set of earring holes had closed up.

I looked around my car.

I spotted a thumbtack.

I now have a 3rd earring in my ear....and a really sore earlobe.


What a Week!

This has been some week, I tell ya. Let me give you the rundown:

(the following all occured on ONE DAY)

1. Set the alarm clock for the wrong time. Woke up late.

2. Heard on the radio that the highways were a mess and backed up because of the rain (which, come on - why do people have to drive like idiots because of a few drops of water....)

3. Left the house 1.5 hours early for work - to make sure I had enough time to get there (because of the idiot drivers)

4. Got to work in PLENTY of time - decided to make a stop to the store to get breakfast.

5. Came out of the store. My car is NOT where I left it.


7. I locate my car - across the parking lot - where it had rolled into another vehicle.


9. Assess the situation - driver of the other car is not in sight. I do the Christian thing - LEAVE THE SCENE! (sure, I was convicted - but I tried not to let that bother me...)

10. High tail it back to work where I discover I have lost my phone. Did I leave it at the store? Is God trying to make me do the right thing?

11. Drive BACK to the store - locate my phone in the shopping cart I had been using. Decide I should go to Customer Service and let the other driver know about the 2 inch mark I left on their bumper.

12. YAY - The other driver wasn't around.

13. Now I'm late for work.

14. Get to work - a button falls off my shirt and one is dangling dangerously... (not to mention I had ALREADY sewed two buttons back on that shirt that morning!!)

Wow, think thats enough for the week? Yeah, I did too. But then I was in the shower last night trying to get the conditioner to the top of the bottle so I could actually dispense the stuff - and being a large, heavy, slippery bottle - I lost my grip on it and it fell - no SLAMMED, full force - into my ankle ripping off flesh in the process....
Sorry its blurry..... the picture doesn't do this wound justice. I nearly lost consciousness due to the blood loss......well, maybe not - but it did hurt, and there was skin and stuff hanging off it.
Good times.
Hoping for a better week this week!! :)