Yay or Nay

For those of you who don't know, I am not one who typically dresses up at all, let alone in skirts....yet for some inexplicable reason, my latest excursion to the store has left me with two of them. I do have to dress up where I work, and so I thought a few skirts might be nice. Plus, you never know when you'll be invited to a wedding...

I am putting the photos here so you can tell me if I should keep them, or not. (NOT would be the preferred vote here.) Also, those of you with weak stomachs...please look away now....don't say I didn't warn you...

#1 Ensemble 1

#1 Skirt Close up

#2 Ensemble 2

#3 Random Weird Video Clip


Please Pray

Hey all - please pray for my Grandpa. He was diagnosed this weekend with cancer, and its spread throughout his body. I can't imagine how that would feel, I know I'd be scared out of my mind, but I'm asking that you would be praying for him. The doctor hasn't given him a timeframe, he said he could live a week or he could live a year. Please pray also for my mom and aunt and 2 uncles as they deal with this difficult situation. I know there is a way for God to be glorified in it - pray for that to happen too. Even 100% healing!

Please also be lifting up the daughter of a lady from my bible study - I wrote about her before, Anna. She is scheduled for a very radical, very invasive surgery next week to remove most of her shoulder due to cancer. She will be left with little to no use of the arm. We know God can heal her - he healed her last year completely. The surgery is scheduled for May 2, I believe. You can read about it on her website at

Please be in prayer for both of these dear people!



I'm currently writing this while sitting in my bathing suit. Don't try to picture it......really don't. All day all I wanted to do was take a swim. A nice litte dip in the ol swimmin hole. I get home wtih thoughts of chlorine running through my head, and there she is - my 6 year old niece, Noelle. (I mean, yeah, I knew she'd be there - she lives here, but I wasn't thinking...) I can't "swim" with my niece. I can hold her and walk with her around the pool and let her jump in on me while I try to catch her. Thats not swimming, thats babysitting in water. I've been duped like this before, and it wasn't going to happen again. I'd just wait for her to go to bed, then I'd get in. 7:32 on the dot, I've got my swim suit, my towel and my brand new goggles - I'm all set. I go outside........ Now, remember - I live in Phoenix. It was supposed to be like 95 degrees here today. I go outside and its windy and chilly - and the pool is cold. I tried standing in the water knee deep to see if I could get used to it. Yeah right, so, now my feet are pruny, my legs are numb frmo the cold water, and I'm still sitting here in my bathing suit wondering if by some miracle the weather has changed and the water has warmed up in the 7 minutes its taken me to log on and write this blog. I'm smarter than that, right? I'll give it another 10 mintues. That should be good!


I don't even know what to call this one...

I was getting ready to color my hair tonight, and decided to take a picture.....


How can one person be such a gi-normous nerd?

I don't know. Maybe I was born like this. Maybe I learned it along the way. However I came by it - I have enough 'nerdity' to stretch around the world 3 and 3/4 times. Its true. Case in point: I was going through some pictures that I have on my computer and came across these. Mind you - I was alone, by myself when these first set of pictures were taken. And if that weren't pitiful enough, I was living in my parents basement at the time....

If you know what I'm dressed as.....I regret to tell you - you're a nerd too. Sorry...
Then there was the time I was just plain bored....

In case you're wondering - those are my pajama pants on the canines head.

I think that my all time favorite is this - I call it "Trapped Inside" I like to put it on as my parents desktop picture every now and again, just to freak them out:

The picture is big enough that you can set it as your desktop picture too - and have fun with it for years to come......


70th POST!!!!!!

This is my 70th post, guys! Can you believe it? For those of you who continue to read (yes, BOTH of you) thank you for continuing to read. How pathetic would it be to write a blog once a week only to have no one read it?

Okay, so are you on the edge of your seat waiting to hear about the whole Weight Watchers thing? Well, its going well. I'm going to save the $13 per week right now and just weigh in at home, but tonight (after eating dinner, I might add) I weighed in.....the result? A total weight loss of 22 pounds!!! Granted, I've been sick for the last few days and not eating well....and its a new scale - but I sure like THIS scale better than the OTHER scale that I had to PAY to use! ;) Ahh, it feels good. I'm about 3 pounds away from my 10% goal from Weight Watchers, which means after 3 more pounds, I'll have lost 10% of my body weight from when I started! My pants are definately looser and so are my.....uh, you know.......bras.......had to buy new ones! At least I'm buying smaller ones now!

Lets see, what else? Work is good - crazy, but good. We had to sign some things saying that our stats are going to be at a certain place by the end of the month. I can do it - I have to do it. My job depends on it (literally!)

Church is going well. Our new building is opening in about a week. We're going to have an open house there this weekend after our service at the school. The people at this church are awesome, they really are. The pastor and his wife just genuinely care about people, and you can see it. I don't know - I love it. I'm happy that I'm at that church!

Okay, enough.....I think the antibiotics are making me talk and, I'll talk again soon! Your turn to talk - write a comment!! :)


Circling the Drain

Thats what my mom said when I asked her how she was feeling last week with her pneumonia. Thats how I feel today. Like I'm circling the drain of life, just waiting to be flushed in.....I have bronchitis. I feel like crap. But, on a lighter note, Guess what? My submission to Compassion’s Share Your Heart section is posted on their web site! Visit the Share Your Heart section to see what I shared.