Annoying my Dog

I don't know why - but its so much fun to annoy my dog. Just see what I mean...


Veterans Day

A hearty thank you to every Veteran. There are no words that could say thank you enough.


nothing new

Not much new going on around here.

Of course the minute I typed that - like 3 or 4 things came to mind....of course they did. :)

One, my mom had surgery this past Tuesday. She had a cervical fusion meaning they fused some of the vertabrae in her neck together. My dad had this exact same surgery a few years ago. On the exact same vertabrae! They're weird. Anyway, everything turned out good, praise God!

Speaking of God - how good is He? I was reading through John 6 this week (and to be quite honest - I hadn't read anything in a while) It was talking about a group of people that had followed Jesus across the lake (after he walked on water). This group of people asked him to show them a miracle and they would believe in him. Not only that - they said, "Moses sent bread from heaven, why don't you do that, and we'll believe." Okay...the DAY BEFORE Jesus fed the 5000. Did they forget already? It was not even 24 hours after that they were asking him for, not another sign, but the EXACT SAME sign he had just given them. Made me think about how I do the same thing. I watch God do something amazing in my life one minute, and the next I'm asking him to prove himself to me. He shines a light on my path one moment, and the next I ask him to show me again. Why? I can't answer that. If I knew I guess I wouldn't be doing it. Sigh. So, I was thinking about how patient, and loving God would have to be to love people like me. Oh well, at least I know I am a work in progress, right?! :)

In other news, I had an appointment today with the National Saftey Council's Defensive Driving School. Yeah. Did I mention that on my camping trip a few weeks ago I got one of those photo radar tickets. Yeah, well, I did. $210! Tell me about it, right? So rather than pay the ticket you can "choose" to go to this class....for $165! Oh well, I did it, and its done. Learned some stuff too. Like I probably shouldn't be Facebooking from my phone while driving on the freeway during rush hour....


Okay, okay!