Taylor Ann....

Here is a picture of the latest addition to the Hamilton clan, Taylor Ann, and her proud BIG sister Noelle....


I'm an ANT!!

Or aunt, whatever title you prefer!! Taylor Ann was born today, weighing in at a hefty 8 lbs 6 oz!! Baby and mom are doing fine. WOO HOO!!!



You know how sometimes you just know that God wants to sit down and talk to you, or have you talk to him, or just wants you to spend some time with him, and you just don't want to because there is TV to watch, or you make up some other excuse? Well, I've been avoiding Him long enough, and I'm actually going to spend some time with Him today. I'm posting it so that maybe I'll be kept accountable...I'll let you know what he says (I may be in trouble....) :)


The end of an era

Well, I guess it is....if you can call 4 years an era (which I do). Pastor Weatherly and Yatron have moved to Alabama. It was amazing how God put it all together, and very encouraging for them after the events at the last church. I leave Michigan for good in 35 days, and I can't wait. I really didn't know anyone here outside of the church, and now that that is gone...well, I'm just ready to leave. Am I ready to go to Phoenix? Not so much - its suppsoed to be 107 there today. Its a balmy 67 here today, and raining - my FAVORITE weather!! Anyway, please keep the Weatherly's in your prayers and just ask that God would bless them in their new home and new church! I know he will!

Dang, I only knew the Weatherly's for 4 years? It seems like forever.... :)


Leaving on a jet plane..and other thoughts

All my bags are packed....I'm ready to go....I'm standing here outside your door..... Oh, sorry. I like that song - except right now all I can picture is Ben Affleck singing it to Liv Tyler in Armageddon. Whatever. Anyway, yep, I'm getting closer to leaving Michigan. I am leaving on September 25th, and I truly cannot wait!

I was emailing Dara earlier this week, and in the midst of emailing her I came to a realization...I don't trust God like I thought I did. I'm turning 30 in December. Thats going to be pretty hard for me. It seems like just yesterday I was turning 21, now I'll no longer be in my 20's. I've recently been dealing with thoughts about how fragile life is. I wonder, sometimes, why God didn't just create us in heaven to begin with. It seems like that would have cut down on a lot of stress in life, huh? Anyway, heres what it boils down to for me...if I really trusted God with situations and with my whole life, then I wouldn't be worried about the things in life that have me worried right now. Things like getting sick, dying, other people dying...crazy stuff like that. I know, I know God is in control, and I believe that. I really do. But you know how we give something up to God, lets say a fear about dying. Okay, God I give that to you. Then someone in my sphere of influence passes away, and I take the fear back from Him. Why? Because He can't handle it? Because He doesn't know what to do with it? No, He can handle it, and knows what to do with it better than I do... I think, for me anyway, its almost easier to hold on to that fear in the hopes that maybe I can do something that will eliminate that fear from my life, rather than to give it to God and hope for the best. Besides, if I give it to God and let him deal with it, then I have lost control of that thing. And besides, holding on to that fear doesn't hurt anything, right? Well, I think it does hurt. If I'm holding on to this fear, or this sin, or whatever it is I'm holding on to, then I'm not trusting that God can handle it. I'm essentially saying, "God, I don't think you can handle this, so I'll take care of it." Who am I to say that to GOD? I'm tired of trying to handle things on my own. I'm tired of taking control of things that I don't really have control over anyway. I'm just tired. Its too hard to fight with God, you know? I may as well let him have those things and stop trying so hard to keep control of them because, 1. I don't REALLY have control over them anyway, and 2. he knows better what to do with them than I do. I'll let you know how it all works out... Stay TUNED!!!


Moving, Job, all that stuff

Hey all, thought I'd give you a small update on whats going on around here. Well, our last day here at the office has been moved up about 6 weeks. Instead of October 31, our last days will be September 21. I'm actually quite happy. This means I will probably move to Phoenix probably around September 24-28. It all kind of depends on how quickly the car guys can get my car picked up. I'm going to call them this evening probably. Anyway, just thought I'd give ya a little update. OH, this is cool: my mom emailed me today and I'm going to have a new niece on August 31. My sister is going in for a scheduled C-Section on that date. Pray for her, Noelle, and our new little one Taylor Ann. Thanks!!