T minus 2 hours and counting.....

...until its technically and officially Halloween. Not that I enjoy the pagan-ness of the day so much, but definately dressing up.

I completed the shirt tonight. I sewed it myself. Yeah, you can tell....but its WAY cooler than a store bought one - AND I can say I made it.

I haven't pieced together the entire ensemble yet...never anything like the last minute, huh? Anyway, here is the shirt (sewn on a machine that some wonderful friends let me use!).

Have a fun and safe Halloween!


Two things...

Two things:
1. Tomorrow will be 15 years that I've been a Christian. Officially half my life. And you know - I feel like I am in a good spot spiritually. There is always things to work on, but I think compared to where I was this time last year - its a definite improvement. A little update on the stronghold (click here) I've talked about... I'm at 33 days without engaging in that sin. God is SO amazing! I can't even begin to describe it...

2. Recently I transferred offices at my work. I now work in Tempe and am saving about 50-60 minutes a day on the road. Time I could use to sleep, or blog, or eat.... you know, something better than just driving. One of my new friends from the new office invited me out to see a band play on Friday night. It was fun. Somehow I ended up on the dance floor. No, alcohol was not a factor. Though, if I HAD been drinking, I may have had better moves....

This is Barb, Sara, and I... Sara (middle) is my friend from work, and Barb is Sara's friend...well, my friend too, now. :) I think we had fun. The band was awesome and I wasn't even upset when they played country music! (LOVED The Devil Went Down to Georgia...) So, yep.

Okay, I should have titled this three things....but the Jack Sparrow costume is nearing completion. I'm in the final stages now folks....


Most women don't want to look like Mutants

I'm getting pretty darn tired of certain people (Elaina) making mention that perhaps I shouldn't wear flip flops in public. You know, just because my feet may not be as PERFECT as someone elses feet....just because I need to use lotion and someone elses feet probably have a PERFECT blend of natural oils and moisturizers.....just because my toes have hairy knuckles and someone elses toes are smooth as a baby's bottom.....just because YOU have all your toe nails and I have knubby stubs....well, okay - you got me on that one.

No, those aren't my thumbs....they're my big toes. And, no you're eyes don't deceive you - I don't have toenails on my big toes. They were removed in college by a doctor who told me, (as he's ripping the toenail off) "Most women don't want to look like mutants..." Well, I'm not most women. Thanks for that, by the way, Dr. Offutt (get it! ha ha ha).

Yes, my other toes have their toenails. Yes, I will still wear flip flops. If that offends you (Elaina) then just be glad you live a state away. I am looking for a circus side show that I might possibly be a part of...that'd be cool.



Okay so I'm driving home from the store and I look down and there is a freaking spider on my flippin foot! I was wearing flip flops and I'm pretty sure I felt all 8 of his creepy litte legs crawling around on me... Needless to say I may have freaked out a bit. My little eight legged friend lost his life there on the side of the road


Camping 2008

I am back from a much needed camping trip. Its hard to believe that the last time I went camping was back in 2004 with Tara and Laura at Eleven Mile Reservoir in Colorado. This time I went with some great people from my church, Bryan and Lynette Durrett and their family. We went to Woods Canyon Lake, which - cooincidentally is where I used to go with my family when I was little. A great time was had by all, I do believe. Even though the last night there was a high wind advisory and none of us got much sleep due to our tents being whipped about. It was cold - and it reminded me of how places other than Phoenix actually have cool temperatures. :) I didn't take very many pictures, but here are a couple.

Me taking a picture of Lynnette taking a picture of.....
Bryan gettin the grill ready for dinner...
Woods Canyon Lake
We hiked around the lake. They had said, "Oh we're just gonna take a little walk around the lake..." I'm not a hiker. Well, I'm not a GOOD hiker....anyway....I did I can check hiking off my Bucket List (well, I'll put in ON my Bucket List first and THEN check it off)
Tearing down camp with the Durretts
Loading up...


Pirate gun (updated and cool-i-fied) - Check
Bandana (made from an old pillowcase purchased at Goodwill) - Check
Fabric belt...thing (made from an old sheet-also purchased at goodwill) - Check
Dreadlocks (made from yarn) - Check
Pirate Boots (that my big ol' calves wouldn't fit into so I had to slice open the back of the boots to allow for the vastness of my leg girth....) - Check
Pattern to make the shirt and vest (yes, you heard me right - MAKE the shirt and vest) - Check

I'm getting close, everyone. My mom is going to be a whoopie cushion - complete with a remote control noise maker...its pretty cool.

We are having a Harvest Festival at my church. Its going to be fun! I've talked Noelle into coming (who, by the way, either wants to be an Asia Girl (Geisha) or a Diva...) and so now the entire family is going to be coming. Its sort of like the famous phrase, "The family that Trick-or-Treats together, may ultimlately come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ together." Or something like that.