Phoenix Area Ladies!!!!! and Gentlemen's ladies......

Hey everyone -

Just want to let all the ladies in the Phoenix area that the DSC Women's Freedom conference is coming up Nov. 19-21. Galatians 5:1 says, "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free." For freedom. I know in my life I have been bound by sin, by negativity, by fear and anxiety. Christ set us free so we could know and experience freedom.

I would encourage any woman who is in need of freedom - the sort of freedom Christ brings - to attend this conference. Early bird registration ends this Sunday, October 11. After this Sunday, the registration price goes up. You can learn more about the conference and even register online at: Please feel free to ask if you have any questions!

Oh, and yes - I'll be there! :)



Have a few updates to share this go around....

First, this week I had to go down a pant size...actually a couple pant sizes! Depending on the brand, I've gone down between 4-6 sizes! What?! (at least I think....from a 22 to a 16/18ish....) Okay, thats cause for celebration, right? I got myself a new scale, and have lost 3 pounds since last week (could just be the new scale....but I don't care.) So my total weight loss to date is: 27.2 pounds!

As if that weren't enough....this Thursday I have an amazing opportunity:

Have you seen this show on ABC? It might be off the air for now, it may be a summer show, but a few weeks ago I applied to be on it.... and guess what - and a couple weeks ago they called. I will be flying to LA on Thursday, Oct 8 to audition to be on the show!!

I will SO win.

Just you wait.......