I know most of you know this, but God is just awesome! I recently moved to Queen Creek, AZ. I moved in with my aunt. I have my own room now people.

This is big.

Its a little farther from everything but, my own space sure is nice. :)

So, many of you know about Bert. Bert was a friend of mine about 7 years ago until I had him whacked. Its true. He was a cyst and he was big and he was on my fallopian tube. He met his end on an operating table in Nov. 2001.
Now, For the last 5 months, I've thought perhaps Bert had a brother. I'd been having some of the same symptoms as before, and so they started testing me for another cyst. My friend Lynette from church prayed that God would touch my body, and I thought that was nice. I go in for an ultrasound, and there was nothing. I was curious, but knew that the pain would be starting in a few days as it had the last 5 months, and maybe then I could better tell he Dr. where it hurt. She sent me for a CT scan, just to be safe, as well as had bloodwork and all that done, too. I went in yesterday. CT scan was clear and even my cholesterol and bloodwork was normal and everything! Then, I realized - I didn't have the pain this month. At all!

We didn't pray about my cholesterol-but God took care of it. I'm healthy and its because of Him! Praise God!!


sabrina said...

Hi Aimee, I really enjoyed your blog and what funny is that i felt you were a awesome person at ABN and as I read your blogs it is evident you are !!! Have a good day

Linda said...

That's so great! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aimee, I laughed at your annoyed dog and here's a video that I just saw and it made me think of you (for some strange, quirky, absolutely unknowable reason...)

Susie said...

Evil bad Bert. I remember him and when he was whacked. Did you keep any of your awesome photos of him?

Sara said...

Amen and Amen--though Bert was delightful, we don't need any siblings of his lurking :)