I have no Computer

I have no computer. When I lived with my parents I used theirs - now there is nothing. No happiness to my life anymore....  ha ha ha. Totally kidding.

Okay, so I'm writing this on my cousins computer (which, incidentally is a Mac....I need one of these). Wanted to at least update you on the latest happenings. 


Yeah, there is not much going on. My birthday was yesterday. I'm 31. That doesn't even look right to me. Ugh. Oh well, guess that means I'm officially a grown up. Still feel like I'm 24 - young and dumb. Guess now I'm just old and dumb! ha ha ha. Some friends from church took me out for dinner and a movie on Friday night. That was really cool. I had fun. 

Have some pictures that I want to post....when I get a computer. Which may be some time soon, like in January - so watch out. Until then, I'll be living my life vicariously through my friends on Facebook whom I can chat with on my phone. Sort of. And I don't have to pay for texting. Yeah, pretty awesome!

Well, I hope to write some more before my cousin leaves and takes his laptop of happiness from me...till then, this is Old Dawg Hamilton, signing off.


Stacy G. said...

So weird to think of you as 31!! In my mind you will be 24 forever! Happy Birthday - last week!