Fun with Numbers

I thought we'd have some fun with numbers on this little edition of "One Time With Aimee"

2 - the number of really truly awesome Christmas presents I got this year. I don't want to give away how spoiled I am - but I will be rocking like a HERO playing GUITAR on a BOX marked with an X............

362 - the number of times in the month of December I thought, "Man I hate that Christmas song..."

31 - the age I turned this month.....ugh.

96 - the percentage that I have in my leadership class at church.

4 - the number of songs we performed in our church choir! How fun was that?

1 - the number of presents my 1 year old niece Taylor opened for herself.

10 - the number of presents the rest of us had to open for Taylor.

23 - the number of dollars I won from our annual tradition of Lottery scratch off tickets in our stockings.

4 - the number of times I told my 6 year old niece that Santa had crashed into a mountain and there would be no Christmas.

7 - the number of days until my colonoscopy (yes, I know - I'll ask for pictures...)

278,760 - the number of Christmas lights we saw on our outing with our Young Adults group at church.

35 - the number of minutes it takes me to get to work from my new place living with my aunt.

45 - the number of degrees it is outside right now at 9:30 pm.

64 - the number of degrees it is INSIDE the house right now (it was 61 earlier....)

12 - the number of times I've wondered if we're gonna turn the heat on in this place.

0 - number of times I've actually ASKED if we're gonna turn the heat on in this place

10 - the number of minutes it took me to remember that they never turn the heat on - even in Colorado when I was housesitting and there was 9 inches of snow outside and I had to sit in front of the fireplace wrapped in blankets just to stay alive. I think I could see my breath inside that day..... sure seems like I would have remembered that quicker than 10 minutes.

And this concludes F-f-f-f-f-f-un with N-n-n-n-n-n-umbers. (get it - cause I'm cold and chattering...)


Sara said...

I turned on the heat this morning, but it's still chilly in here :P

Love all the interesting facts!

Stacy said...

OH MAN!!! I forgot to buy the stocking lottery tickets!!! I kept remembering at the wrong time and only just remembered that I forgot when I was reading your blog!! shoot!!

Rachel Gora said...

you are so funny!