when God speaks

So, I was supposed to write this post on Friday...but I didn't, sorry.

Do you ever wake up in the morning with a song in your head? Or while you're doing something in the middle of the day you realize there is a song in your head that you haven't heard in a while? And you think, Hmm, why is THAT song in my head, I haven't heard it in a while... (mind you, I'm not talking about having the last song you listened to in your car on your way to work, or the song that woke you up on your clock radio...this is a random song that I haven't heard for a while...). Well, I've learned to listen to these songs that seem to get stuck in my head from nowhere because several times the particular song that is stuck in my "coincedentally" speaks to whatever it is that I may be going through at that time. I think it is a way that God tries to speak to me when He knows that I won't be diving into the Word... (which is awesome in itself, that he speaks to me in my disobedience)

All that to say, this happened to me Friday. This is a song by Relient K called, I So Hate Consequences. I love Relient K - they're pretty darn awesome....anyway. I was singing this song in my cube for about 10 minutes before I realized that maybe God was speaking to me through it. Here is the part that was stuck in my head:

When I got tired of running from you
I stopped right there to catch my breath
There your words they caught my ears
You said, “I miss you son. Come home”
And my sins, they watched me leave
And in my heart I so believed
The love you felt for me was mine
The love I’d wished for all this time
And when the doors were closed
I heard no I told you so’s
I said the words I knew you knew
"Oh God, Oh God I needed you
God all this time I needed you, I needed you"

And I so hate consequences
And running from you is what my best defense is
I hate these consequences
Cause I know that I let you down
And I don't wanna deal with that

I'm humbled that God chooses to speak to me when I hadn't spoken to Him. That he doesn't give up on me when I want to give up on him. And that he loves me too much to let me fall to far away from him.

How does God speak to you?


Holly said...

that's cool Amiee

during this 'phase' of my life with little ones at foot Jesus has been using talk radio and blogs to speak into my heart.
I do sit down (not as much as is possible, but often) and read/pray so obviously He uses that
but I'd have to say that He uses those crazy pastors on the radio or other people's journey's written down (like yours!) to speak as well.

Elaine said...

HI Aimee,

I came over by way of LPM's blog. I read your comment and was compelled to let you know that MAYBE I have something that might help you as you seek to know HIM more. You were relieved to know that you weren't the only one who had a hard time being in the Word (or something like that). Well, I totally understand and for sure, you are not the only one! With you and others in mind, I wrote/designed/whatever a Bible study tool that is simple but reflective. It's the way that I went from not knowing what in the world to do with an open Bible to WOW, His Word is amazing! Making me want more of it. If you're interested, email me and I can send it to you in a Word file.