Little Miracles

God rocks.

Thats all there is to it.

I'm going to post a story that was written by a good friend of mine, Tracy. Its a story of just how awesome our God is, and how he cares about every little detail in our lives. This story has encouraged me so much this week - I hope it does you too! (A little background information - Tracy is my friend - Mark is her husband and Allison is their 4 1/2 year old daughter...not that you wouldn't have picked that up reading the story....I'm just saying....)

"Fiana is the new addition that God choose to give us yesterday. She is a beautiful chocolate lab. I think this story is one of the most personal acts of God that I have ever seen. Allison has wanted a dog forever and we had planned on getting her one for Christmas but our circumstances did not permit that. It made me really sad to not give her the only thing she had asked for. But God had a bigger plan. I love

On Saturday we were having a garage sale and we received a phone call from great friends of ours who have been missionaries in Ireland for 17 years. They are here in the US right now raising there funds to go back to Ireland for another term. They said that they would be in Phoenix for one night and could we come see them. Of course we said yes. While at dinner they told us they would be speaking at Baseline Assembly in the morning and asked if we could come. So on Sunday morning we got ready and headed to church to hear our friends speak. The whole morning I had a pit in my stomach. I felt a little anxious. I told Mark on the way to church that I just sensed that today (Sunday) was going to bring something but I didn’t know what. We had decided recently that we were going to give above and beyond our tithe and had been setting that aside over the last couple of weeks. Mark said that he wanted us to stop and get some cash to give Larry and Ann so we headed for Target. When we came out and started to drive away we seen this white truck with the signs for AKC labs. Mark asked if I thought we should stop, knowing how badly Allison wanted a dog, I wondered if it was a good idea. So anyhow we stopped. Allison of course fell in love with these beautiful little puppies. When we asked how much they were the man said $450. Ok so there was NO WAY! So we stayed for a little bit and played with them. Mark said to them right as we left would you take $100? They of course said no.... of course we didn’t have a $100 so it was pretty funny! Right as we walked away the lady said… let me have your number and if we have one left at the end of the day maybe we can do something. So we gave our numbers.

When we got in the car Allison was sooooo disappointed. She asked if the lady was going to call us and kept saying how much she would love a puppy. I was kinda sorry we stopped. So Mark told her to ask God to give her a puppy, to provided a way for us to get one. And we told her if this was the puppy for her He would make a way. So she did. And then she said “God said I can have one.”

Wow… now what do you say! We continued to church and sat through the sermon. At the end we waited for Larry and Ann to finish so we could say goodbye. Ann got finished so we walked up there and loved on her and said our goodbyes. As I was about to walk away she put something into my hand. When I got into the parking lot I looked and there was a $100 bill. I knew the second I looked at it that God was giving us a puppy!! We headed home and the whole time Allison asked.. “are they going to call now.” We waited and waited! Finally Mark was on the phone to one of his friends and I heard him say “I have another call, can you hold on.” And then, “Yes we are still interested.” It was obviously the lady and she gave us this beautiful little puppy. Allison and me danced around downstair shouting and crying “God is giving us a puppy… we are getting a puppy!” I love God He is soooo good. I called Ann to let her know and she said that God had told her that morning to give us the $100 and she said “God heard Allison’s prayer before she even prayed it.”

The funny thing is is that both Mark and I have learned so much from this. In the midst of a crazy time and economy God cares about even the smallest things in our lives. He has showed Allison that He answers her prayers there are so many lessons I don’t even know where to begin. But ultimately, God loves us, sooo much."



The enemy is a failure.

Remember math? I remember in any of my high school math classes thinking, "When am I ever going to need to know ANYTHING about a hypoteneuse?" That day hasn't come, but remember those logic questions they used to ask? Like if A=B and B=C then A=C. Or something like that. You could also do the opposite too, like if A=B but B does not = C, then A does not = C. (trust me - this is going to be okay...)

So God impressed a verse to me today.

Is. 54:17 "No weapon formed against you shall prosper." Another version says that no weapon formed against you will stand. An antonym (or opposite) of stand or even prosper could be fall or fail. Right? So, I thought about wording the verse like this:

Every weapon formed against you will fall or fail.

Every thing the enemy comes at us with will fail. Nothing he comes at us with will prosper! How cool is that? I'm probably using extremely bad theology - so.....don't memorize MY version of the verse, ok? :)

Who knew math would come in handy while expounding on verses? I didn't. I wonder what else its useful for?